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“Holly absolutely bubbles over with ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM for life and people! Her passionate delivery of life-enhancing principles is explosive! She is a truth-teller whose dedication to help people shines through her personal appearances, TV and radio interviews, excellent writing and one-on-one coaching. Holly is a wonderful example of a life fully dedicated to Christ and to joyfully serving others . I dare you to connect with Holly and see where her input will launch you!”

Myles Holmes , Pastor, Evangelist, TV Host, Professional Speaker , Myles Holmes Ministries



 "Holly is a woman with a passion for God and a contagious enthusiasm for sharing the promises of God's Word.


An energetic wife and mother of three, Holly is a woman with a "purposeful mission" - that of encouraging people to sow seeds that produce a godly harvest.  She will bring fun, laughter and the life-changing truth of God's Word to your event."


Pastor Sheryl Allen 

Woodsfield Free Methodist Church





What a joy and a blessing you are.

You light up a room when you enter and it is contagious!

Nancy Neffs


Thank you so much for inspiring
all of us!


You truly are a servant of God!

God bless you,

CE Board of Medina
United Church
of Christ


Holly is a gifted professional organizer with unique gifts.  If your business, church or home is in need of improved organization or management, Holly is God's answer!

Holly's winsome personality and passion for life further enhance her effectiveness.  She is extremely versatile and would fit well in any setting"    

Michael Amico Sr. Pastor,


"Thank you, Holly, for your contribution to

our Women's Conference!

The success of our conference would not have been possible without your willingness

to share knowledge and insight.  Your

presentation truly enhanced the overall program and certainly aided us in our mission to educate, motivate and inspire women!"

Bluefield Chamber of Commerce

WV and VA



Great teaching you sent out today, and  
EXCELLENT anointed ministry on REJOICE!
You did your Heavenly Father proud.

Glad to call you our friend.

Looking forward to what the Lord is going
to continue to do through you!

Have a Holy, Healthy and Hilariously Happy
New Year!

Be Blessed,

Myles Holmes


Less Mess, Less Stress.  God bless!

I love what I do and I live what I teach so I know that it works.
My purpose is to glorify the Almighty by serving you.


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