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Less mess, less stress.  God bless!

The devil doesn’t want your “stuff”… he wants your JOY!             Is he succeeding?


Take this True or False Quiz:

(for your eyes only)

If I could choose to be anyone, I would still pick myself                            True         False

 I know my specific purpose, my life is meaningful                                      True        False

 I know I can change the things in my life that I don’t like                            True        False

 I rarely get so angry or frustrated that I have to raise my voice                    True        False

 I am not a “worrier”                                                                                    True        False

 I pray EVERY DAY for other people                                                         True         False

 I spend time DAILY with God and His Word                                              True         False

 I feel a Peace and Joy deep within, regardless of my circumstances              True         False

 I am very active in my community and spend time volunteering                     True         False

 I do NOT feel overwhelmed in my home because of clutter                        True         False

 Family Worship is practiced in my home                                                     True        False

 I am 100% sure I am going to Heaven                                                        True        False

 I know what God says about me in the Bible and I ACT AS IF                   True        False



If you answered "False" to any of the above, it is...

 Time to start ORGANIZING OUR LIVES by the

TRUE and PROVEN methods of the Bible!

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Created by:  Holly Boyd     Christian Professional Organizer, Author, Speaker, Coach


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Less Mess, Less Stress.  God bless!

I love what I do and I live what I teach so I know that it works.
My purpose is to glorify the Almighty by serving you.


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