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Weekly Hour Long Christian Coaching Sessions with
Christian Professional Organizer, Author, Speaker and Coach Holly Boyd.

I would be humbled and honored to share my time with you (via phone or skype) using Scripture to help You Organize Head, Home or Heart.  It truly is the only thing that works.  We will set goals with completion dates and you will succeed.  Your Creator tells you so and I am your Bible cheerleader!

You have so many choices in life.       But for Coaching, we offer Two Choices.

You may invest your time and money One week at a time for your own Christian Organizer and Motivator...

You may use the drop down box to Invest your Time and money  for your own Christian Organizer, Coach and Motivator One month at a time...

As always... you have choices!   I will be in touch with you as soon as I can so we can begin to transform any area of your life you need.  We'll set specific dates and times to focus on what is really important.  No more self pity, no more self doubt and certainly...
no more depression! 


Less Mess, Less Stress.  God bless!

I love what I do and I live what I teach so I know that it works.
My purpose is to glorify the Almighty by serving you.


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