Our Theme this year is JOY!

 If the JOY of the Lord is our strength then the SIGNS of GLORY want to
 "pump you up" at your Church
or Event!

SEE beautiful Sign Language put to contemporary Christian music

Brand New Kindle

Exercise Mind, Body and Spirit with me

Does the clutter in your home frustrate you?

Is the clutter in your head holding you back?

Are there changes you want to make, but don't know how?

                      And what is "Christian Organizing anyway?!"

It is no accident you are here.  Today is the day
 No more self doubt, no more self pity and no more depression!

Your Creator says you are

"clothed in strength and dignity... you can laugh at the days to come"


But do we "Act as if..." that were true?

Or... do we have more junk than JOY?

My name is Holly Boyd.  Among the many titles of every woman, I am also a Christian Professional Organizer, Speaker, Author and Coach.  I assist other women to Organize Life based on the true and proven methods of the Bible.  As women we are extremely important!  We have got to be confident in what is true, not what the media says!

I am humbled and honored that the Lord has trusted me with such an important task as You.

As an extremely happily married woman with 3 children and 2 grandchildren, I have been there before:  Rich, poor, married, divorced, young mom, old mom, living the Word, not knowing the Word, organized, disorganized, bad habits, great habits... oh yes, I have been there.

I love what I do because I live what I teach.  I know the Word works, thatís why I feel so passionately about it!  My husband of 22 years treats me like the Queen that I am.  But I treat him like the King that God gave me, and I do it on purpose, because I donít always feel like it!

Let's get together.   See the Word come to life as we very specifically learn how to apply the Bible to managing our time, our energy, our family, and yes, even all that paper!  Less mess, less stress.  God bless!

Personal Coaching & Organizing
info HERE!

It is my Attitude by Habit, you have one too!
hmmmmm, makes you think...

So please, take your time, take the quizzes, look at the pictures, call or e mail me,  do what you need to get some peace, some hope, some motivation... some TRUTH!  I am here for you. We all need that little encouragement at times. We cannot live passionately, purposefully or powerfully without getting our Peace!  And we can't do it alone! 

If you are interested in Christian Coaching then make sure you contact me here I would be honored and humbled to help you.  The Almighty has a great purpose for our lives!  Blessings to you, another Shining Light!

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Less Mess, Less Stress.  God bless!

I love what I do and I live what I teach so I know that it works.
My purpose is to glorify the Almighty by serving you.


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